But what happens when you need to bring an outsider into your Slack workspace? Does your Slack admin let them in as a regular member? Probably not, as that could lead to privacy or security issues. Instead, you take advantage of a feature called Slack Connect. Slack Connect allows individuals or teams to work with people outside of your organization. Those who are a part of Slack Connect can join channels and even DM users within the organization. You can connect up to 250 different organizations to the same Slack channel. Also: How to use Slack’s huddle feature (and why you should) With Slack Connect, you create a channel and then invite other companies to join in. That feature requires a Slack Pro account. With a free Slack account, you can only start a direct message via Slack Connect. Regardless of which you use, those you invite will only have access to either the specific channel or the direct message. Once you’ve added people or organizations to Slack Connect, you will be able to interact with them as you would with anyone in your organization.  There are a few points to consider about Slack Connect:

Each organization must have a paid Slack plan.People can be added to other channels by other team members of your organization.People from different organizations can send DMs.For Group DMs, everyone in the conversation must be in at least one channel together.

It’s an elegant solution to an annoying problem. Let me show you how to use Slack Connect. Also: Remote work habits are changing again

What is Slack Connect and how do you use it?

Slack Connect is much easier to use than it might seem. Just think of it as a way to connect outside organizations within your own, using a Slack channel or direct message.  Also: The best collaboration apps: Top team tools You will then have to wait for the recipient to open the email and accept the invitation. You will get a notification within Slack to indicate the invite was accepted. Also: How to make meetings effective and useful: 6 ways to actually get stuff done  Any company that needs to collaborate with outside organizations will find this feature a must-use.