With this conventional form of phishing technique, i.e., Tab napping, the hackers replace any of your browser tab content pages with similar-looking fake ad spy content pages by using the information they get through these spy web pages or tabs in your browser hackers. These can hack your accounts, social media network, etc. You might be very well knowing of the ways how to detect and protect yourself from phishing techniques, but as tab napping is a new technique so most people might be unknown of the ways through which they can protect their accounts from these methods. So here in this article, we have written the best practices and tricks that you can actually use to protect yourself from the Tab napping hacking techniques. Also Read: How To Secure Your Android From Hackers

Steps To Stay Protected From Tab Napping

You can follow some steps regularly to prevent the tab napping attack; these steps are given below.

  1. Check the URL in the address bar of your browser every time you go to any login page; if the URL looks abnormal, then it should have to be then you should get an alert as it could be the tab napping attack, and you could give up your account information to the hackers if you fill them up on that login page.
  2. Check the address bar for the HTTP//: a sign that should be there before the link, and it should be checked even if you are not working on different tabs but only on the single tab of the browser. This signifies that the link you are going to access is safe and secure and won’t go outside the network to some other servers.
  3. If you find the opened tabs in the browser misbehave in any way after you shift to them after some time, then you should consider closing and reopen it with the same link. This could be the sign of a tab napping attack, so you should try to be secure by doing that.
  4. Don’t tend to use multiple tabs in the browser every time and not if you are surfing any most important websites like bank websites, login pages, etc. This could help you to remain safe and secure at the highest levels; tab napping attacks could not take place at all.
  5. Do not work on the tabs regenerated by the browser itself after you access them after the short lapse. These could also be tab napping attacks. To maintain the highest security always while browsing, you should prefer to ignore that regeneration by the browser and open that link again. These were the all possible ways and methods that you can follow in your regular browsing times, and therefore you can easily protect your accounts, data from being hacked by the tab napping method. Although these methods can be predicted to make your data safe, the technique is still not checked thoroughly for its actions. Therefore, there can be an added risk factor even after you are applying all the above ways.