A few months ago we announced that Kim’s Club was getting a facelift and would relaunch as the new and improved Komando Community. Kim’s Club is now the Komando Community. Read on for the details, learn what you get, and look for links below to click to join the exclusive, exciting, educational and entertaining Komando Community.

Komando Community membership perks

If you’re a Kim’s club member, you are automatically a member of the Komando Community. Just log in to the Komando Community with your Kim’s Club login.

Not a member yet? Here’s why you need to join:

It’s an ad-free social community where you can create a profile, join groups and make friends.It’s safe and secure, and your information will never be sold to advertisers.It’s also private; only members can see other members.Watch and listen to The Kim Komando Show anytime on your schedule, and catch the show video stream on Fridays and Saturdays.Read all of Kim’s ebooks for free.When you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, get a VIP tour of the studio and meet Kim Komando in person!

Tap or click to join as a Pro member to get these Komando Community benefits today.