But why the buzz around 5G, and what makes it worth spending an upgrade cycle for your phone on? For starters, you’ll get internet speeds that are often faster than your Wi-Fi network wherever you go. Tap or click here to see how fast 5G is. If you have a 5G phone or plan on getting one, you’ll probably want to know where 5G coverage is arriving next. This interactive digital map from the speed test gurus at Ookla gives you a detailed picture of where you can expect to find 5G in your neck of the woods, as well as whether or not it’s worth making the switch.

Ookla’s 5G map gives you a preview into the future

Ookla, creators of the acclaimed online Speed Test, have debuted a new online map that shows where the greatest amount of 5G development is across the U.S. (and around the world). Zoom into any area of the map and you’ll see hot spots marked with a number — a number that indicates the amount of 5G installations in the region. If you click the numbers, you’ll not only get a breakdown of where the installations are located, you’ll also see which networks they belong to. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on upgrading your phone in the near future, and want to make sure you’re covered with 5G no matter which network you use. Tap or click here to see some of the 5G phones you can upgrade to right now.

More than a map

Ookla’s 5G map also contains other data points that can clue you into 5G developments as they unfold. In the top-left corner of the map, you’ll see filters that break the map icons down into “commercially available” 5G, “limited availability” 5G and “pre-release” 5G, which shows locations where 5G will soon be installed. Using the filters will show you just how much coverage is actually in your area, as well as whether or not you can expect decent coverage to arrive. For even more information and context, Ookla also includes a live Twitter feed showing updates to the official Ookla 5G Map account. These updates are meant to inform users on 5G news and development information in real time, and include links to new deployments as they’re added. If you want to stay in-the-know about 5G and aren’t sure where to start, Ookla’s map has you covered in almost every direction. Now, when your friends or family ask you about upgrading their phones, you can give them a definitive answer about whether or not they should “wait for the 5G version.” Tap or click here to see the results of this crazy 5G speed test.