Whether it is a massive 4K TV for your living room, jewelry for your significant other or a cruise for the whole family, shoppers are led to believe the greatest deals of the year are jam-packed into a few hours over Thanksgiving weekend. Check it out at BlackFriday.com. As you gaze at the bold typeface on holiday advertisements, what you don’t notice is information on what NOT to buy during these retailer-designated holidays. Although we hate to ruin your hopes of saving a fortune, there are some items you should wait to buy. We’ll fill you in.

Skip these Black Friday buys

Big-ticket electronics

Ready to grab that “deeply discounted” projector or theater system you’ve been eyeing? While retailers discount a large number of electronics come the holidays, you need to be aware that most of the items on sale are older models or lack the more impressive features. Look for newer models early next year.


Ugly sweaters aside, steer clear of the winter clothing racks during the Black Friday weekend frenzy. According to BlackFriday.com, the optimal time to buy clothing is out of season. Fall being best for summer pieces, while spring/summer is ideal for picking up cold weather wear.

Home appliances

Advertised as “great buys,” new appliances often make their way into homes during the holidays; however, you’re more likely to find better deals during long weekends throughout the year, including Memorial Day, Labor Day and Presidents Day. So, unless a replacement appliance is a necessity, you’re best off waiting until next year.


While you may be tempted to purchase some new bedding or linens this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t fall for the discounts. The prime time to buy these home goods is not during the holidays, but right after in January, when retailers offer white sales.


Are you hoping to show your affection for your significant other this holiday with a piece of jewelry? While this is a sweet romantic gesture, you will recognize better savings if you wait until after Valentine’s Day, when retailers discount items not sold during the holidays.

Health and fitness items

Although you may renew your commitment to getting healthier during the winter months, bargains found during Black Friday weekend are often less than those offered come January. After the first of the year, retailers present deeper discounts in the hopes of enticing customers who make New Year’s resolutions.

Buys that might deliver


Similar to electronics, TVs headline every Black Friday sales insert. Admittedly, it’s hard to pass up a “massive screen” 4K set because it’s just so cheap. The problem is many of the TVs offered at such low prices are often off-brand, older models or void of features you should expect with new televisions. RELATED: Don’t fall for these Black Friday email scams While you can expect great deals throughout the Black Friday weekend, the best time to purchase your next TV is the week before and after the Super Bowl.

Latest smartphones

While the focus is on tech come Cyber Monday, the deals may not be as amazing as you hoped. You’ll have no problem locating smartphone specials; however, be warned: promos likely come with caveats, like the addition of a new line, applicable to certain models, require a two-year contract or a specific wireless plan.

Beware the sneaky cost

Even if you find a real bargain, pay attention to the shipping details before hitting the “Buy” button. Any shipping fees not included in the price will be an additional cost, meaning you could lose out on any savings. Also, be aware that some free shipping offers come with the stipulation you have to spend a certain amount that does not include tax. To avoid paying shipping, or the need to purchase additional items to meet the threshold, opt for in-store pickup whenever possible. It’s easy to fall for the barrage of bargains this time of year, but with a bit of patience, you can find significantly larger savings. For some great laptop and desktop deals, tap or click here.