Unfortunately, many of us get wrapped up in the holiday event and decide that every sale simply must be better than it would be on any other day of the year. Perhaps it is due to the extreme advertisement of the sales, or the lack of time to search for deals on a daily basis. Those who wish to endure the chaos that is Black Friday need to be savvy about their purchases, as retailers are well versed in effective marketing. For those looking to make the most of Black Friday this year, there are a few key items to avoid jumping on. Sure, that Samsung TV might be a great deal, but what sales should consumers be wary of? Learn more about the items you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday.


Black Friday brings sales to every department, but when it comes to clothing, there are better times to build your wardrobe. Cyber Monday brings more significant savings on clothing and, come January, winter clothing will be at its lowest.

Fitness equipment

It may seem appropriate to purchase expensive exercise equipment on the biggest sale day of the year, but the fitness industry isn’t making all their money around the holidays when we all know we’re about to consume entirely too many pieces of pie in the month of December. In January, prices will surely drop to accommodate the one New Year’s resolution that most people share – getting in shape.


Of course, there will be discounts on tools on Black Friday, but if you’re hoping to snag the best deal on that drill for dad, it’s best to wait until December for the Christmas deals.


Many consumers look to Black Friday for the best deals on their upcoming travel for the following year, but the best deals on hotels, flights and vacation packages are most likely to land on Cyber Monday.


Another big ticket item to save for Cyber Monday is a laptop. While Black Friday is sure to offer a large number of deals, the biggest savings can be found on the following Monday.


Those looking to surprise their loved one with some sparkle this holiday season should hold off on their jewelry purchases. The pre-Christmas sales in December and the pre-Valentine’s Day sales in January can provide even more savings than Black Friday. Now, when it comes to last year’s models of wearable technology like Fitbits or the Apple Watch, Black Friday is the best bet.


As tempting as it may be to jump on that Black Friday deal on the latest washer, dryer or refrigerator, the best appliance deals actually land on the various three-day weekend sales throughout the year and on New Year’s Day.


Video games

You’re sure to see deals on video games and consoles in stores on Black Friday, but their discount potential is not equal. While video game consoles offer steep discounts and fantastic bundle deals, individual games offer the biggest savings in December in preparation for Christmas.

So, when you head out into the wild on Black Friday, be prepared. Resist the urge to tackle the person in front of you to get the “best” deal. Instead, think back to this list, and save yourself the trouble on the items that you know you can get a better deal on in the months ahead. While everyone else is fighting over the best laptop deal or video game, you can sneak on over and snag last year’s model of the Apple Watch with confidence that your effort was well worth it.