Both generally include four years of coursework and have a lot in common.  If a degree in mathematics, science, information technology, or a comparable field is what you’re looking for, a BS is likely in your future.

At-a-glance: BA vs. BS

Is a bachelor of science degree a good fit for me?

A BS degree may be a good fit for you if: In a BS degree, you may need to take more lab science classes and advanced math courses than your counterparts in a BA degree.  A BS degree emphasizes quantitative skills, technical abilities, logic, and reasoning. A BA degree focuses on critical thinking and communication. Both programs have research components, but BS classes teach quantitative research methods and analysis. Schools offer some degrees as both a BA and a BS, emphasizing different aspects of the curriculum. You may need a BS degree to pursue certain degrees and certifications, such as a professional engineer license.

You want to work in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field.You’re good at mathematics and statistics.You want to be a nurse, a doctor, or a healthcare professional of some kind.You enjoy working on computers, in a lab, or in nature.

Examples of bachelor of science degrees

Accounting Explore The best online computer science degrees: Top programs compared An online computer science degree can pave your way to a career in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, database management, and more. Read now Biology ChemistryComputer science Engineering Environmental science Exercise scienceFinance Information technologyMathematicsNursing PhysicsPre-medSports managementStatistics

Careers you can pursue with a bachelor of science degree

Computer programmerSoftware engineerScience teacherAthletic trainerRegistered nurseMobile app developerResearch scientistCybersecurity specialistFinancial analystNetwork administrator

Is a bachelor of arts degree a good fit for me?

Some things to consider when assessing whether or not a bachelor’s degree is a good fit include: A BA emphasizes the humanities and the liberal arts and usually includes a foreign language requirement. You’ll typically take fewer labs and mathematics and science classes during a BA degree than what you would take in its BS counterpart. While earning a BA, you gain valuable communication and critical-thinking skills in areas as you explore subjects like literature, history, and art. Many BA degrees foster creativity, too. You also learn to research, albeit with more of a focus on qualitative research methods and analysis. 

Your career interests and goalsWhat types of classes and subjects you enjoyPrevious coursework that you have excelled inWhat amount of time you want to spend reading, writing, and exploring the humanities

Examples of bachelor of art degrees

ArtAnthropologyExplore Best online human resources degrees 2022: Top picks Find out what to expect from the human resources field, and start your search with our ranking of the best online human resources degrees. Read now Classics EnglishPublic relations and communicationLiteraturePhilosophyHospitality management HistorySociologySpanishMarketing FrenchTheaterReligious studies EducationHuman resources

Careers you can pursue with a bachelor of arts degree

English teacherArtistHuman resource specialistMarketing coordinatorHistory teacherPublic relations specialistWriterTranslatorCasting directorEditorJournalistEvent manager

SEE: Best unexpected double majors for computer science students You can minor in a discipline that would traditionally be a BA degree. For example, you could earn a BS in computer science and a minor in literature if you wanted to pursue a career in game development.  You may even have an opportunity to double-major with both a BS degree and a BA degree. For example, BS degrees pair well with a degree in a second language.  By assessing your interests, strengths, and career goals, you can decide which type of degree will help you along your path.